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Lamar Hunt Jr., takes charge in metro area youth hockey development

Lamar Hunt Jr continues toLamar Hunt Jr Missouri Mavericks Owner expand his involvement in Kansas City sports. Hockey, a sport this is now only gaining its foot in American sports culture, is now ready to put its in Kansas City. Starting with his purchase of the Missouri Mavericks, Hunt Jr. continues to pave the way for youth hockey expansion with hopes of gaining 10,000 skaters. Youth Sports is a growing industry both in this nation and others and sports fans are continuing to contribute to its rising popularity.

Youth sports are on the rise in the Kansas City area, paving the way for future generations young and old to benefit from its effects on communities. Kansas City area youth will start to experience a safe and active sport that helps them stay fit, make friends

The development of a youth sports facility represents a major stride for children, to give them an opportunity to learn hard work, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Kansas City, a crossroads town normally associated with flagships such as KU Basketball and Mizzou Football will now have another opportunity to expand its sports development and create Kansas City as a “hockey town.”

Further local youth hockey integration will not just be about an after-school activity or an avenue of exercise, but a community builder, a friendship creator and a foundation for values that will guide them in the future.

For our younger generations, youth hockey development paints a very different picture for them. We are excited to continue expanding.